what is a brand

A brand represents the unique, original and unmistakable personality of a company or of a product or service.

how to create a brand

Creating a brand requires a process of sustainable development of both the company / product / service that wishes to become a brand as well as by establishing and maintaining a unique and original visual identity (logo, message, promises, materials and methods of presentation).

what is "brand strategy"

Branding strategy is the coherent and comprehensive plan that summarizes all operations, methods and actions, characteristic and necessary for imposing and promoting on the market of a company / product / service.


To be successful, a brand must not only to smartly use all channels of communication with customers / potential customers, but also to have clear elements of differentiation from the competition, elements that can be obtained by resorting to professional services.

Branding Consultancy in ROmania

UPSIDE Interactive provides all services and products necessary for building a successful brand. Whether it's the classic methods of promotion or the latest means, our experts work for you, having only one purpose: delivering results that reflect in your sales volume and in the number of loyal/constant customers.

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